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On May 18 2018, the President of Pakistan approved the Juvenile Justice System Act (JJSA) 2018, which was passed by the Parliament earlier this year. According to Ukris (2004), “Juvenile delinquency refers to the behavior of non-adults which violates the rules and regulations set by the government or society”. When a juvenile, below an age specified under a statute exhibits behaviour which may prove to be dangerous to society and to him he may be called a 'Juvenile delinquent'.each state has its own precise definition of … The Juvenile Justice System Act 2018 (JJSA) has been promulgated to deal with these issues and its predecessor the Juvenile Justice System Ordinance (JJSO) has thereby been repealed. The state of juvenile delinquency in Pakistan is reaching epic proportion with neither the law nor other people associated with it willing to understand the continual and serious dangers being rendered to the health, social and moral development of these children and society.. Large proportion of people live below poverty line. However, based on the crime committed and the severity of the crime, a juvenile may be … Juvenile Delinquency in Pakistan. Poverty: Poverty is wide spread in Pakistan. But separate juvenile courts are still not established in every district of Pakistan, excluding a juvenile court at the Judicial Complex in Lahore that was established to deal with cases involving children on December 19, 2017. Most of the times low socioeconomic status, leads to problems of juvenile delinquency. 7793 Fauzia Khurshid et al./ Elixir Criminal Law 45 (2012) 7793-7796 Available online at www.elixirjournal.org Criminal Law Elixir Criminal Law 45 (2012) 7793-7796 Causes of juvenile delinquency among teenagers in Pakistani context Fauzia Khurshid and Tanzela Urooj Department of Education, National University of Modern Languages Islamabad. Before delving into the merits of JJSA, it is first important to highlight the legal challenges that arose out of the operation of the JJSO. Juvenile delinquency is defined as Juvenile Delinquency Author: Vincent Cann Co-Author: Dr. Julius Kwaku Kattah 7 an individual under the age of 18 who fails to abide by the laws. For understanding juvenile delinquency, it is important to define juvenile. The youngsters from such social background engage in beggary. The State of Juvenile Delinquency in the Philippines and the Urgent Need for Legal Reforms Allan Jose J. Villarante API Fellow, The Nippon Foundation Research Intern, Japan Legal Aid Association 29 November 2002 Kokugakuin University Tokyo, Japan The Philippine government has apparently undermined the severity of juvenile delinquency problem in society. This neglect has contributed to … Retri eved 9/1/2012 from . Explore the factors behind Juvenile delinquency in Pakistan: A research conduct in juvenile jail of Rawalpindi, Pakistan Maryum Alamgir, Wajid Rahim, Muhammad Zeshan Ali maryam_rana215@yahoo.com Abstract—The word juvenile delinquency is used for those children who are under the age of 18, where if they constrain any prohibited action, they But still contributes to juvenile delinquency in Pakistan. Irum Sarfaraz. Globally, there is no consensus over the definition of juvenile. MEANING OF JUVENILE DELINQUENCY: Delinquency is a kind of abnormality.When an individual deviates from the course of normal social life, his behaviour is called "delinquency". 2. Tendency of Juvenile delinquency in Pakistan Juvenile delinquency is referred to the behavior in violation of the criminal code committed by a youth not attained the age of maturity.

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