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Ludwigia repens Rubin schon für 5,29€ günstig online. } box-shadow: 0px -4px #ff9934 inset; height: 30px; Roots are thin and white. Lokal. Please do not copy any information or photos). Come across out specifically what you will need to know in buy to have these animals running around in your … Plants Plant Care Inspiration Guide Find dealers Articles Contact. }); cursor: pointer; border-radius: 0.5rem; //darunter rechtsbündig [class^=ws-iframe-placeholder] { var s360PowerMenu_processMenuItems = function (menu) { //Sorgt dafür, dass Sticky-Menüs ausgeblendet werden sobald der Nutzer anfängt zu scrollen Portion Size: 3″+ (Submersed) pH: 5.0 – 7.0: CO2: Required: Light: High: Care: Difficult: Growth Rate: Slow: Propagation: Cuttings $ 18.00. background-color: #ffc018 !important; eBay Kleinanzeigen: Ludwigia, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt finden oder inserieren! Es handelt sich wahrscheinlich um eine Mutante von L. inclinata var. PP579 - Marina Pearlscaper Plastic Plant, Red Ludwigia - Black with White Tips, 12.5 cm (5 in) Details PP801 - Marina Aquascaper Plastic Plant, Amazon Sword Plant, 20 cm (8 in) background-color: #8FCB2F; visiblePages ="visibleon").split(","); Die Wasserpflanze passt besonders gut als sogenannte Akzentpflanze zu grünen Aquarienpflanzen und erreicht entsprechend mit ihrem Akzent Rot eine beeindruckende Wirkung. Portion Size: 3″+ (Submersed) pH: 5.0 – 7.0: CO2: Required: Light: High: Care: Difficult: Growth Rate: Slow: Propagation: Cuttings $ 18.00. Family: Onagraceae. childElement.css("left", parentElement.position().left); MIND YOUR OWN WEATHER! ");return r!==-1?t.substring(0,r):t}function f(n){(n=n||w,n._done)||(n(),n._done=1)}function ot(n,t,r,u){var f=typeof n=="object"?n:{test:n,success:!t?!1:a(t)?t:[t],failure:!r?!1:a(r)?r:[r],callback:u||w},e=! Die Rubinrote Ludwigie ist sehr einfach in der Haltung und stellt keine besonderen Anforderungen an die Umgebungsbedingungen. padding: 0.5rem; I wont be responsible for below freezing if you dont buy a heat pack! -webkit-filter: brightness(120%); } In its natural habitat, it is found in cooler waters or on very moist to wet soil. Aquariumpflanzen kaufen beim RENDO-SHRIMP Shop. //Position des Elements am Tab ausrichten padding-right: 5px; } }; Enter your email address to join the waitlist for this product. }; width: 86px; } body { background-color: #eee!important; } //Wenn es sich bei dem aktuellen Target wieder um ein Menü handelt, erneut alle Meüitems bearbeiten amazon.Login.setUseCookie(true); [class^=ws-iframe-placeholder]{ } childElement.css("top", parentElement.outerHeight()); 72 HOUR HEAT PACKS ARE $2 EXTRA! --ws-buttonHintergrundFarbe: #aecc53; if ("actionon") === 1) { s360PowerMenu_alignMenuItem($(this), target); tab.removeClass('active'); /* other variables */ childElement.css("right", 0); background-size: cover; Die Wasserpflanze Ludwigia repens ist vom Wachstum her als schnell einzustufen. If you use too much red lighting and cast a monotone redness over all plants the tank will artificial. } display: inline-flex; (u(r,function(n){s(n)||!n||ht(v(n))}),b(v(n[0]),s(f)?f:function(){i.load.apply(null,r)})):b(v(n[0])),i)}function lt(){var n=arguments,t=n[n.length-1],r={};return(s(t)||(t=null),a(n[0]))? color: #fff !important; childElement.toggle(); Joined: Dec 27, 2014 Messages: 338 Likes Received: 45 Local Time: 11:18 AM. Plants Plant Care Inspiration Guide Find dealers Articles Contact. Jual Rotala Macrandra Mini (Green) - Emersed dengan harga Rp10.000 dari toko online The Green Cube, Kota Bandung. //Das Element ermitteln, an dem das Target ausgerichtet werden soll Authorized Dealer for most of our brands. z-index: 2000; Exclusive items from our brands. line-height: 26px !important; Einfach. $(document).mousemove(function (event) { 'White' für nur 3,79€ günstig online kaufen Aquarienpflanzen im RENDO-SHRIMP Shop } $13.88 AquaLeaf Aquatics 3 Water Lettuce - Easy Live Floating Pond Plants. window.lpaCallbacksExecuted = false; top: auto; Care and Lighting if (target.hasClass('s360-powermenu-menu')) { var visiblePages = undefined; var head_conf={head:"jtl",screens:[480,768,992,1200]}; They require a high light intensity of 3 to 5 watts per gallon of full spectrum (5000-7000K) light. border: none !important; box-shadow: 0px -2px #ff9934 inset, 0px 2px #fff inset; background: var(--ws-buttonHintergrundFarbe); Eine sehr schöne Pflanze für den Mittelgrund . if (typeof window.lpaCallbacks === "undefined") { Bitte wähle deine gewünschte Ausführung aus, um weitere Informationen einzusehen. /* other URLs */ (f(t),i):(e=h[n],e?e.push(t):e=h[n]=[t],i)}function e(){if(!r.body){n.clearTimeout(i.readyTimeout);i.readyTimeout=n.setTimeout(e,50);return}o||(o=!0,vt(),u(d,function(n){f(n)}))}function k(){r.addEventListener? //Target in das Parent-DIV verschieben window.onAmazonLoginReady = function () { !f.test;return e&&!!f.success? The best quality Ludwigia White for sale - 100% fresh guaranteed. @media (max-width: 767px){ Wir sind glücklich daß nun einige Pflanzen anbieten können. menu.find('.s360-powermenu-menuitem').each(function () { Care Level Moderate Color Form Green, Red Water Conditions 72-82° F, KH 3-8, pH 6.5-7.5 Max. //childElement.css("right","outerwidth") * -1); #eu-cookie-modal{ They undulate naturally with the current of the water – just like real plants – and provide excellent hiding places for your aquarium fish! * max-width: 90%; padding: 10px 40px; } Ludwigia inclinata var. var lpa_ajax_url_confirm_order = ''; It needs a quality, nutrient rich substrate, high lighting, CO2 inje Ludwigia Palustris red, Sumpf Ludwigie Aquarium, Wasserpflanzen 1 Bund. margin-top: 15px; … Ludwigia repens grows well in both very soft and hard water, although soft, slightly acidic water is best. } else if ("displayonstyle") === 2) { Ludwigia white. This piece of aquarium décor was designed to be a Ludwigia plant and is 8in (20.32cm) tall. width: 100% !important; NO USA SALES TAX FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS. Common Names:ludwigia repens, ludwigia repens Rubin, Red-Leaf Ludwigia, Red repens, Ludwigia sp. }); $('').each(function () { if ($(this).hasClass('wasactive')) { Sie benötigt hierfür viel Licht (>0,5 Watt pro Liter) und eine gute Eisendüngung. border-radius: 0; text-align: center; if ($( === 0) { (u=r.createElement("link"),u.type="text/"+(t.type||"css"),u.rel="stylesheet",u.href=t.url,t.cssRetries=0,t.cssTimeout=n.setTimeout(s,500)):(u=r.createElement("script"),u.type="text/"+(t.type||"javascript"),u.src=t.url);u.onload=u.onreadystatechange=o;u.onerror=e;u.async=!1;u.defer=!1;t.errorTimeout=n.setTimeout(function(){e({type:"timeout"})},7e3);f=r.head||r.getElementsByTagName("head")[0];f.insertBefore(u,f.lastChild)}function vt(){for(var t,u=r.getElementsByTagName("script"),n=0,f=u.length;n

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