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My skin is glowing and the texture is so much better I actually see a diferencia. Mineral Moisturiser SPF 30 - Calm But this is one of the only products I buy over and over again. Steph - Never thought I would say this but I have found my holy grail! It is the only product I have ever used that has consistently prevented breakouts. Anyway, I had a few burst, and since my skin seems to be doing great. I have now switched to the lotion exfoliant which has resolved my dry skin issues. Together with our partners, we can adjust ads to your personal interests. This product is good at keeping pores clean and reduce inflammation on existing spots. :) great stuff! Although, during the colder months it can be a bit drying, which is when this product is great. Targets breakouts, brown spots and wrinkles in one go. I have used the 2% BHA gel in the past but it seems that my skin likes the liquid formula better. The results are amazing, definitely worth the money. My skin has never looked so good, after the first week of use I did have a small break out, I stuck with it and I now get compliments on my skin. Char - Skin needs a break from it every now and then. T.M. A few hours after first trying it this way my pores looked significantly less congested. After trying numerous amounts of moisturises, cleansers and exfoliants and spending lots and lots of money I had given up hope. I reduced the application to just once at night. I can leave home without make up. Smoother skin with reduced redness and fewer clogged pores. ), and I thought I was breaking out more than usual on my forehead as well. Also, due to the irritation I don't think it was as effective on my blackheads as it could have been as they've not been reduced very much. I love this product! This does everything I'd hoped and more. After trying samples of the 1% gel, and finding it balled up/peeled off my skin, I was hopeful this liquid version, though stronger, would suit me. The average amount needed is the size of a small coin, and it’s best to apply it in a thin layer. Once my skin got used to this it is soft and dewy, no dryness. Bought off a friend's recommendation and was completely amazed! I do know that it takes time for them to go, however. They just would not budge and although only mild/moderate I thought this was annoying as hell. It can be slightly oily in t-zon once first applied but once it has been absoorbed it's fine. My skin is soft and glowing. I'm hesitant to continue using this, will my skin get used to it after a while? After that I decided to go to a dermatologist, because it was just getting worse and worse. This product used alongside a cerave cleanser and moisturiser has smoothed skin so much, my forehead is so soft as is the rest of my face. I have used shop bought exfoliants - scrubs - all my life, and had smooth skin. Putting it simply. I haven't changed anything else in my life except add this product to my skincare routine morning & night so I am certain this is the miracle worker. Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. I tried this after some research online. However, I have also been drinking herbal and green tea which has good purifying affects on skin. Ellie - Will never be without this product. My skin looks so much smoother, texture has minimised, and have got compliments on my skin. But this is now my second month and i have had massive painful spots on my cheeks and chin...My skin has never been this crazy!! Currently i'm using the 1% lotion, even though it's for dry skin (mine is oily) but because i'm using Paula's oil control products i need the lotion just to balance my skin out. We uncover the truth about skincare. Use a skin soothing leave-on BHA exfoliant once or twice a day. I use it most nights and apply it 'neat' to my skin without a cotton pad. This foaming cleanser removes dirt, excess oil and makeup without stripping skin. They did not offer their money back guarantee as products were empty, however I had read reviews that said to give products 2-3 weeks to work. I'd seen this product all over youtube, and Hyram absolutely adored it too so I thought I'd give it a try. Great product! I usually don't write reviews but I hope it can be useful for women that have skin problems. Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant merupakan produk yang mampu mengecilkan pori-pori dengan 2% cairan asam salisilat yang mampu menghilangkan sel-sel kulit mati baik di permukaan kulit dan di dalam pori-pori. i’m new to using acids on my face so i started out with using this product twice a week and after 3-4 weeks of using this, it leaves me with really glowy skin. I fell in love with this product and ordered the full size and I cannot rate it enough! PC has a range for every need, you just have to try and be mindful of your skin’s needs. I'm in so much pain and my skin looks awful. I was really disappointed as I really wanted to like the product and to keep using it. I started using this and initially saw great results, my blackheads were clearing and my skin texture was improving along with redness. Recently I decided it was time I started to take extra care of my skin and decided that the addition of a liquid exfoliant was what I needed to kick my skin care routine up a notch, but this is so drying! I had high hopes for this product but OMG it broke me out soooo badly my face and neck was covered in spots black heads and white heads my skin has never been this bad will never use this again it just ruined my skin. I never tend to write reviews but my experience with this product - and actually with all the other Paula's Choice products - has been SO great that I felt compelled to share it. I’m not sure if my skin is purging or if it’s an irritation to the product. It also has hydrating properties that can leave a smooth, dewy finish on skin. after having bad skin for over 20 years ! I have never used a BHA that doesn’t make my skin feel sore and squeak! I am now on my 3rd bottle and can't go without it. I suffer from persistent closed, commodonal, acne on my chin. Breakouts are literally gone, only occasional one but they heal faster now, whiteheads reduced to minimum. It even effected my confidence as I could not put foundation on, without the blackheads looking noticable. Your pores are completely reduced and for someone like me who genuinely had been struggling with hormonal acne for around 4 years now, Paulas choice has been one of the very few products that have worked for me and really showed a difference. You can scrub off blackheads | fact or fiction. It mattifies shiny skin, helps prevent breakouts and soothes redness. If you see BHA on the packaging, it means salicylic acid. I've never used Paula's choice or a liquid exfoliant before but oh my goodness what a difference it has made to me. I definitely recommend to try this out as I will continue using this product. My fine lines are better my acne is better and my skin has a glow that I’ve never had before. This completely changed my life, throughout all my teen/early adult years I have suffered with under the skin bumps and lumps on my forehead. This product is so good my skin has never felt so soft. Not for me. The "greasy" feel can be attributed to the high levels of glycol in this product (glycol helps the BHA penetrate the surface layers of skin and also works as a water-binding agent). Maybe customer care could suggest one of the other exfoliants for me to try, as I really want to get rid of them. I'm so disappointed with the packaging of this product. My diet is fantastic and I have spent thousands on products in the past and nothing has worked like paulas products. Since I had eliminated cleanser and narrowed down my daily products, my skin was better than ever. Shop Paula’s Choice & enjoy free shipping on $49+ orders. This product is sold out at the moment. My advice would be to try the 1% if your acne is up to moderate/high moderate acne and not to dive in morning and night. Every time I used it I ended up with dry, flaky patches - even when I reduced the frequency of use. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Paulas Choice--SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Exfoliant--Facial Exfoliant for Blackheads, Enlarged Pores, Wrinkles & Fine Lines, 4 oz Bottle at Customer Care : Thank you for your review. I usually have acne and this makes it really flare up. This is great product. I started off using this product a few days a week and then built it up to every night. Considering the price compared to cheaper products that don't work, its money well spent in my book. I'm disappointed as I can't use benzoyl peroxide because it makes my eyes swell and so this seemed like a great alternative. I tried it consistently for a total of 2 months - initially my blackheads and pores seemed to clear up, but then in the 3rd week or so into using it, I thought I could notice more blackheads on my nose, on my cheeks (which I had none before!! i bought this thinking that it would help with my blackheads on my nose and give me clearer, cleaner skin. Would not purchase again. Around March I started breaking out like mad like never before. I have always had breakouts, blackheads and texture to my skin, and have tried so many products to get rid of it. I've been having the worst skin of my life since I turned 20, a year later and I've tried what felt like every brand and every product but experienced continued dissppointment. It is also very fast absorbing. The only drawback with this product is that it takes ages to dry/absorb into the skin; sometimes up to 25 minutes (especially when I apply it with my finger as opposed to a cotton pad). Would give it 10 stars if I could. I recommend the combo of the exfoliant and a gel (prescription or over counter). Shall I continue? Lightweight liquid quickly calms redness and reduces red bumps. Is it so unusual to find a product that actually makes a difference. More inportantly, my skin stays matte throughout the day for a lot longer than it used to. Full blown honest! I really wanted to love PC products after the reviews but unfortunately they made my skin worse. I had my acne under control, and just wanted to get rid of blackheads and acne scars. For a while I have struggled with those little under-the-skin spots on my forehead that just never seem to go away. I've always had problems with my skin. Have Combo to Oily skin and this has completely changed my skin. Welkiniaber - Amazing, amazing product!!. I would say my skin didn’t purge at all (my skin will break out if i even step outside) and I used this once or twice a week for the first week then gradually every day. I had quite a few hormonal postpartum blemishes around my chin and they were gone within 3 days of starting the liquid BHA. It doesn't completely keep my white heads and spots at bay but I am prone to cystic acne so I'm not expecting miracles. Within about three days my closed comedones had been obliterated. I was really excited to try this product after all the good reviews. I wish I could give this more than 5 stars! I have not had any breakouts since using this product that could be down to me using Paula's other products combine with this, it's a nice feeling when you see a product that actually works for your skin. I definitely love it!! Some people increase use to twice daily (morning and night), but it really all depends on the condition of your skin. For the last couple of years I have never had spots as such, what I did have was quite an uneven texture on my forehead. My pores are definitely smaller and I dont have so many blackheads. Would 10000% recommend, Rachel76193 - Amazing massively Shrinks pores. I used up my samples but along with the other Paula's Choice samples I was trying at the time, I had soft, smoother skin, which seemed less oily round my t-zone. This method has worked wonders for my skin!! Completely life changing. I think this might be down to the pearly sheen it leaves behind; I think it helps the light reflect off the skin which gives the illusion of a cooler skin tone, I really don't know but whatever it is, I am not complaining because it is better than having to put make up on. Lovely product and consistency, keep using it for results ! Routine Finder I am very pleased with this product so far though, thanks Paula! Les exfoliants éliminent tout en douceur la couche extérieure de cellules mortes, pour aider au renouvellement d'une nouvelle couche de cellules saines. However, I must say that it makes my face a bit oily 1-2 hours after application ( I have combination skin), so I have to combine it with Niacinamide (from another brand) to help with shine but it doesn't always work. Honestly don’t think I’ll stop using it! I have also tried eating healthily, drinking water and having a generally healthy lifestyle but haven't seen brilliant results. It is the first time I buy any of Paula's choice products and what I can say so far (after two weeks using it) is that this product does really work for me. Both The Ordinary Salicylic Acid 2% Solution and Paula’s Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant have 2% salicylic acid. I couldn't believe my eyes and I still can't! Guys this is definately the answer to clogged pores and acne its worth every single penny. My skin is combination-oily and I usually get hormonal acne around my chin area. This along with everyday environmental factors can sometimes play a part in how someone will ultimately respond to a product or combination of products. Robert - The best skin product I've ever used. You definitely have to build up your tolerance to this product. I glow! Clinical Niacinamide 20% Treatment € 52,00. And yes it burns if you’re over using and not moisturising properly. Was constantly trying to get rid of my blocked pores and greasy skin and little brake outs this had cleared my pores almost and skin is so smooth and less greasy. It's worth saying, I use this in the morning after cleansing. I actually wanted my doctor to put me on acne medicine (to dry the crap out of my skin) but as i didn't actually have acne... they wouldn't allow me to go on them, but then i found this. It is so worth the price, I will for sure be buying a bigger bottle next time (I got the smaller size just to test). The very first product i tried from this company and now i can't live without my entire paulas choice skin care routine, absolutly amazing results within weeks of using and i actually see a difference! For daytime, follow with a moisturiser that contains a broad-spectrum sunscreen rated SPF 30 or greater as the last step in your routine. After about a week of using this twice a day all the bumps had gone and I was left with a smooth feeling, smooth looking forehead. These were very small under the skin bumps (no head) and couldn't be popped. i just wish i had found this product years ago , and also spending hundreds of pounds on products that dont do anything , i cannot praise paulas choice products enough , everything i use is amazing and really works to make the skin look wonderfull. Will def order again. I usually do not write reviews but this product is amazing. Is a miracle on my blocked pores and "bumpy" forehead. The product is best applied in a thin layer, and has great spreading properties. He uses it regularly along with the Paulas Choice cleanser, toner and moisturiser as his skin did become bit dry. I initially purchased it for some closed comedones I had round my chin, 5 weeks later my skin is worse than ever. Don't expect flawless skin instantly as this products takes time to work, but I have noticed a real improvement in my acne, clogged pores and scaring. If there is no adverse reaction, this may be increased to every other day at night and then, if you wish, every night. I also have very sensitive skin so was hesitant that this could damage my skin, so I gradually built up the usage over a few weeks to now daily, I never had any reaction at all. you will get some dryness but as with any product this eventually subsides. Lightly soak a cotton pad and apply over the entire face, including the eye area (avoid the lower lash line and eyelids). I've stopped using it for a bit to let it heal. My skin also looks much tighter and I’m so happy with the results so far!! I am a black young lady with sensitive and oily skin. Cookies also enable social media to make use of your internet behaviour for other purposes. They help us to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Its been 3days of using this and i can tell you my skin is looking soo much better! This is why I can't give it 5*, simply because I have not used it long enough to see real results. I noticed a reduction in redness and blackheads within the first 2 days of using. However, I too have broken out in cystic spots and whiteheads from the lips downwards which is most unusual for me. It's an excellent exfoliant! It took about one month of daily use (at night) for me to see changes but OH MY GOODNESS. i've only been using this product for a few days and its made a dramatic difference to my skin. I have had lots of these since age 18 and at 22 this has finally started to clean them up. I brought this product as I saw it had really good reviews but soon after using it I’ve had a big breakout. I stopped and used the CALM range and voila! I recommend this for everyone as it really can make a difference. I had problem with my skin since teenage ( blackheads, spots, large pores, spots) Nothing seems to works and I was feed up. I was using Solution from Glossier from tow years and even tho it did improve my skin has nothing to do with what this product did for me in only three weeks. I have used it sparingly but every time I do, I get a whole new cluster of very big angry spots. It is best to gradually build up use of a BHA product, starting to use it a couple of times a week only. Since being pregnant my skin has not been the same. Please never discontinue this Paula, its a life (face) changer! Cannot live without it! If you continue we’ll assume that you accept our, Free beauty bag and two minis with orders over £65. This liquid was the first PC product I tried. Call us (it's faster than email): 0203 608 9813 Some people have referred to this product as drying but i would disagree. If you've ever had cystic acne, you'll know how bizarre this is. , Blackheads It’s really true what they say about this product. A brightening treatment that neutralises the effects of daily pollution and blue light. Don’t usually leave reviews but felt I owe to all my fellow skin sufferers. only had it a few days thanks Paula xx. Frequently asked questions Either way, be sure to contact our Customer Care team for assistance in finding an alternative exfoliant more suitable to your skintype. I didn't get rid of all the blackheads but I that was less of an issue for my anyway. I've used the product 3 times now and haven't seen the results, no difference in texture, clarity, red marks or spots. Paula's Choice vous donne les meilleurs choix pour prendre soin de votre peau. Works great in combination with the vitamin C serum as well. After around four weeks of this i emailed their customer service department and they notified me that this product shouldn't induce purging so instructed me to reduce the number of applications to see if it was irritating my skin. I’ve used a glycolic acid for ages with no problems so I think it’s the salicylic acid my skin doesn’t like. We have a 60 day money-back guarantee policy. Makeup goes on smoother and my face looks fresh and glowy without it. Inflamed stays. I tried using it more often and with a cotton pad but just ended up with clusters of pustules (irritated skin, and have tried this again and again and still happens). It also smells somewhat clinical (not unpleasant though). Can't wait to see what my face looks like by the end of the year. This product completely changed my life and now I get so many compliments on my skin and when people ask whats the secret to smooth skin I literally just recommend this. This did completely nothing for me and to make matters worse it made my skin flake on my cheeks and forehead. This product after only 3 uses completely broke me out like no other product has done before. However I forgot to use this one day and my skin got quite a few spots so it clearly works to stop them coming through and my skin is very noticeably clearer! What's more it evened out my skin complexion and reduced the size of the annoying spots i had on my chin. Geschikt voor de acne-gevoelige huid. I am so happy about the result and I never felt so good about my skin, surely isn't perfect but is way better than before. Learn more on BHA Exfoliant. I really thought this would help clear my skin. I did not realise how smooth my skin could be until I used this. BHA exfoliates and also reduces redness and dry, flaky skin as well as helping with spots and blackheads. I never write reviews, however I felt I needed to if it encourages another person to try it as it completely changed my skin. Now I can't live without it, and it's in my TOP 3 of my skincare products. With very stubborn blackhead we advise to consult an beautician. This along with facewash and toner has made my pores bigger. De vloeistof voel je nauwelijks op je huid en wordt snel opgenomen. Simply contact our Customer Care team within 60 days of delivery for a full refund. I started using twice a day as directed, but felt as if it wasn’t agreeing with my skin so reduced this to once a day but to know avail. However; this did the opposite effect and actually made my skin much much worse. My skin is oily and I've had to deal with blackheads for a very long time (not just a few on my nose, I mean all over my face)! I use it once every 2 or 3 days and i apply at night. Find out here. Highly recommended product. so far i really do love this product ive been using it for about 3 weeks, it literally brought all the gunk in my skin to the surface, i dont think ill ever be without this product. And the main difference for me is that I would be happy going out without any makeup on my skin, which has not happened for nearly 20years! If you're considering buying this - do it! I'm so happy I did because it has changed my skin completely within two months. It has reduced my pores and has made my skin flawless! Into the 2nd half of the 2nd month using it, the problems did not improve and worsened! After breaking out severely from the resist pore refining bha I was hesitant to try this but the difference it has made to my skin is amazing. An area on my cheek was particularly bad and was red, painful and generally very irritated. Incredible! A little bit goes a long way. initially I wrote a review a few months ago and I found it ineffective , I've been using this exfoliant for over 6 months snd it's amazing! I gave it four stars because I do find it rather on the expensive side for the amount of product you get but I’m happy it works. Ayla - Lovely product but didn’t work for me. I very rarely write reviews but this product worked wonders for my hormonal adult acne. Dawny - Can't give 5* as not used it long enough for results. I used intensively for the first week and now just once a day. Not only was this product a complete ripoff it has destroyed my skin! I have suffered with oily skin for all my life and when i say oily, i mean sometimes it is impossible for my make up to stay on my face for longer than an hour. Lightweight lotion softens and hydrates skin while diminishing blackheads and blemishes. Laura - Made no difference at all. Do not rinse. And about our cookies. Routine Finder After so many dissapointment from other products I went through I can not be happier to find Paula's Choice. Salicylic Acid/BHA Personal advice Leave-on gel exfoliant gently targets blackheads and enlarged pores. Forehead, chin and jaw line. D - Disappointing, doesn't do what it says on the tin. I was very excited to try this product and I have to say it has cleared my black heads and redness is lessened. We uncover the truth about skincare and share all of the facts with you along the way - because keeping your skin healthy shouldn't be a mystery. Free travel size Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. Used to have really bad eruptions from having lots of closed comedones on my forehead. I have not seen any improvement to pore size either. I will never go without it and I have confidence in her products. Spots keeps appearing, which I know they will in the begining. , Methylpropanediol, Free beauty bag and two minis with orders over £65, Everything you need to know about exfoliants and exfoliating. Or burn! I usually only get two or three cystic acne spots at the same time, but they still are incredibly painful and unsightly, and last for weeks. I will say that I bought two travel sized bottles and I am near the end of my second one to finally see big reductions to those bumps (mostly on the temples and top of the cheeks). And if you have sensitive skin start with a lower percenage (1%). This product has improved my skin so much - not only do I no longer get serious breakouts but the surface texture looks and feels better. So so disappointed and upset with this product. RachaelBlack - One of the best (i think) for super oily skin. BHA (acide salicylique) : le moyen le plus rapide pour une peau plus nette L'exfoliation est une étape essentielle dans votre routine de soin. Using this lotion has led to absolutely minimal eruptions. In the first two to three weeks, my skin went haywire and I broke out in so many cystic acne spots, in addition to more pimples than I normally get. CUSTOMER CARE. Paula’s Choice 2% Skin Perfecting BHA Liquid Exfoliant (what a mouthful!) Our Customer Care will contact you to find the right solution for you. It has taken maybe two months before I started to notice a real difference but WOW!! I was one of them ( I am 27 and I had problems since I was 24),but not any more! I cannot describe how this has changed my skin. I tried all kinds of products, that I thought were good for removing dirt and sebum, but not the actual blackheads. Amy - Worked wonders for my hormonal acne. . i use it at night and by the morning whatever i have wanted to come up has done! Your browser's Javascript functionality is turned off. Now most of my skin care routine is from PC and I had no reaction to any of them and I think they are amazing products. Gently exfoliates dry, rough and bumpy acne-prone skin leaving it hydrated, smooth and soft. I have had several STRONG 30% salicylic, 30% gycolic, 65% lactic acid chemical peels but much prefer the results from this product with no irritation what so ever.I have not found this product to be drying plus I have been using it inconjunction with Paulas Retinol (don't recommend for oily/acne skin though).

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